Lecture 3 Notes 8-31-10

Lecture 3 Notes 8-31-10 - 6. Explain how meiosis accounts...

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Lecture 3 Notes 8-31-10 1. Describe the events that characterize each phase of meiosis 2. Name and explain the three events that contribute to genetic variation in sexually reproducing organisms 3. Explain the chromosomal theory of inheritance and its discovery 4. Explain why sex-linked diseases are more common in human males than females 5. Explain linked genes
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Explain how meiosis accounts for recombinant phenotypes Two plants are crossed, resulting in offspring with a 3:1 ratio for a particular trait. This suggests: That the parents were both heterozygous How does the sexual life cycle increase the genetic variation in a species? By allowing independent assortment of chromosome...
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