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Bertrand Russell “Appearance and reality” Search for certainty Distinction between appearance and reality What do we perceive- influenced by outside factors 1. Sense Data 2. Color 3. Texture 4. Shape 5. Touch 6. Sound Looks at a table Concludes- 1. Pg. 40 2. Thus it becomes evident that the real table if there is one is not the same as what we experience through perception.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. The real table must be an inference from what is immediately known 4. Is there a real table at all? 5. If so, what sort of object can it be? 6. It is a material substance that has extension , solidity, etc. ( Locke and Russell’s view of what we can know about the table ) 7. They believe there is a real table but we do not perceive it...
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