Ethics - -Duty to rule – deontology • Aristotle what is...

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Ethics Etymological definition : ethos : character ethos: habit Colloquial definition: a code or set of principles by which people live Philosophical : study of concepts involved in practical reasoning and ethical theories Applied ethics: Theoretical ethics: - Normative ethics – how we should live? What we should do - Meta- ethics: what is the status or moral ethics? Moral questions. WHAT DETERMINES THE VALUE OF AN ACTION? - God – divine command theory – who? Piety Socrates pointed out problems with theory - Reason – natural law theory As human being we all share common reason within us
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Unformatted text preview: -Duty to rule – deontology • Aristotle- what is highest goal a human being can achieve? What is purpose of human beings?-Consequences – Utilitarianism and hedonism • What are the consequences- positive or negative? If positive then act is good if negative then act is bad. • Hedonism ( pleasure is the greatest goal ) -One’s self – Egoism and Subjectivism • Who creates the value? • If you are satisfied by the action then it is good. If you are not then it is bad-One culture- relativism • Varies depending on what culture values...
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Ethics - -Duty to rule – deontology • Aristotle what is...

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