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Plato’s Euthyphro Opens with Euthyprho asking Soc. why he is on the porch of King Archon. Euthyprho ask if Plato has a complaint or lawsuit for the King. Soc tells Euthyprho that it is not a lawsuit but he is before the king because of impeaching someone and Euthyprho cannot believe it. Soc tells Euthyprho that someone is against him named Meletus. Soc. Tells Euthyphro that a young man is accusing him of corrupting him and his friends by denying the God’s and making up new Gods. Euthyphro says that Soc will win in the case against the young man because he is ignorant
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Unformatted text preview: They then talk about why Euthyphro is at the King’s porch. He has a law suit too and he is the pursuer in the suit. The suit is against his father for murder. Soc says that the man his father murdered must have been a relative b/c if it was not then Euthyphro would not be persecuting his own father. Euthyphro says that the real matter at hand is whether the murdered man was justly slain. If he was then you should leave the matter alone but if not then you should pursue it....
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