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Communication apprehension - 4 Killed 583 people 5 Took off...

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Communication apprehension Communication apprehension Situation specific- where you’re talking, and who, big or small group. Generalized anxiety in nearly all situations- all situations severe anxiety Nature- causes anxiety 1. Genetic- communobiology 2. Twin studies Nurture- communication anxiety 1. Environmental reinforces- learned through experiences 2. Cultural factors- collectivist cultures have higher communication apprehension Effects- 1. Lower gpa 2. Lower test scores 3. Lower graduation rates How to reduce effects- 1. Positive self- talk 2. Positive visualization 3. Change perspective 4. Be prepared Deadliest Plane Crash Action: A decision or a step taken that contributed to the crash and could have been changed at the time Condition: A feature of the situation 1. Going from the Canary islands 2. Jacob Van satin- pilot, very experienced
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3. Fog covers the railway
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Killed 583 people 5. Took off without clearance 6. KLM and PANAM plane supposed to land at Gando but the airport was closed due to a bomb. Diverted to Tenerife airport 7. KLM refuels which makes landing and taking off more difficult and takes more fuel than needed 8. Missing family from KLM flight had to be found and delays plane 9. Aircrafts go onto same run way to back track 10. Visibility drops to 500 meters 11. Go onto the 3 rd turning lane but they do not know which one to go onto 12. Plane said the runway was clear but it wasn’t 13. KLM whole plane dies because of the refueling creating a fire 14. KLM crew not allowed to question senior pilot 15. 1999 O Haire airport, 2005 Boston, Almost repeats of Tenerife 16. Since KLM crew did not work together they failed at communication...
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Communication apprehension - 4 Killed 583 people 5 Took off...

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