Mass communication - • Audience select media that...

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Mass communication Telegraph- Samuel Morse Used to communicate the assassination of President Lincoln Battle of New Orleans- took place after war ended. Battle took place b/c no one knew the war was over Mass communication- - The tribal era- - Oral cultures bonded by stories and ritual - Reliance on spoken word - Literal era Phonetic alphabet invented For the first time select indiviuals have acces to mass messages Linear written communication cultivated 1450 AD printing press invented - Print era Printing press invented First time everyone have access to mass messages - Electronic era Telegraph perfected, leads to telephone, radio and television Global village is created- 600 million watch first man on moon and 2.5 billion watch princess Diana funeral New technologies improve ability to multi task and erodes ability to focus attention
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Theories - Uses and gratification theory
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Unformatted text preview: • Audience select media that satisfies want or need • If it wants or needs change than so will the media • Focus is on how individuals use media does not inform how media shapes society-Agenda setting theory • Mass media sets the public agenda- it doesn’t tell us what to think it tells us what to think about • Gatekeepers/filters/editors • Omission as important as inclusion-Cultivation theory • Mass media, particularly TV, cultivates a world view that is inaccurate but that viewers assume reflects real life • This effect is cumulative and is achieved through mainstreaming and resonance The medium is the message-Marshall McLuhan 1967-Medium of communication determines the sustenance of communication-Act of watching TV shapes how we think regardless of what we’re watching...
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Mass communication - • Audience select media that...

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