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Persuasion Persuasion- Elaboration Likelihood model (ELM) 1. There are two routes to persuasion Central ( message _ Peripheral ( outside the message ) - Petty a Cacioppo in 1986 2. Why should I strive to increase central route persuasion Because wen persuasion is done through central route it last longer 3. How do you get to the central route? Motivation- personal relevance to perceiver Ability- organization 4. Appeals to Primitive beliefs ( compliance gaining strategies or weapons of influence ) Six compliance peripheral gaining strategies
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Unformatted text preview: -Reciprocity- when you give something to someone they feels obligated to give something back to you-Commitment and consistency-Scarcity- deadline technique-Social support- salting technique- ex. Putting a tip jar that isnt empty so people feel obligated to leave a tip for you-Liking- do things for people that you like or who have done stuff for you. -Authority- does something because someone in authority told you to. Experts and ones with power....
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