hospitality 1 - f. Different cultures have different...

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Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism 1. The hospitality industry overview a. Biggest industry in the world b. 10-12% of population in the world feels comfortable working in the industry c. To work in the industry - You have to actually care about people - Selling a service not a product - Make the customer want to come back; easy to talk to - Have to know when there is a problem - Adaptable d. Perishable service - Hotels- once a room goes unsold for the night they cannot get that money back - Time - Food in restaurants 1. The Specials at a restaurant is all the food that is going bad e. Industry is busies on holidays and days close to holidays.
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Unformatted text preview: f. Different cultures have different socially acceptable standards in hospitality g. Not everyone perceives being friendly the same way h. Moment of truth- moments when you can do something to make an impression o the customer good or bad. 2. Trends and Hospitality a. Globalization- bringing people together faster wit technology b. Safety and Security- 1. Traveling security 2. Terrorism 3. Crime c. World and diversity 1. Cruise lines- diverse people, different countries 2. Expensive d. Technology 1. Human interaction is becoming less and less E.g. Buying tickets online, booking flights online...
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hospitality 1 - f. Different cultures have different...

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