hospitality 5 - 10 Professional clubs – people in same...

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Clubs 1. Customers want clubs to be upscale 2. Bayhill Country Club- Arnold Palmer Country Club- To join you have to pay 30,000 just to become a member. Makes you stay at club along time. 3. Big benefits of going to work at country club- locked in customer base. However, customers want a high level of service 4. Country club- has to have something other than golf to be considered a country club. What do your members want 5. Golf Club- club with only a golf course. 6. City Club- in a city and meant to be a place where people do business 7. Proprietary club- owned by company that operates it for profit. Most other clubs owned by members. 8. Equity clubs- when you leave then you can sell share
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9. Non-equity- when you leave you cannot sell
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Unformatted text preview: 10. Professional clubs – people in same profession 11. Social clubs- looking for a place where they can socialize. Put on social events. 12. Athletic clubs- gyms that are organized like clubs. 13. Dinner clubs- popular in US not Europe. Places where families go to eat gourmet cuisine prepared for them. Eat like in a restaurant but it I reserved for them. 14. University clubs- alumni clubs 15. Military clubs- officer clubs, USO clubs. American Legion. Veterans 16. Yatch clubs- above 35 feet and 7 inches is a yatch 17. Fraternal clubs- elks lodge, the masons, moose lodge, the rotary, the lions, the Shriners, fraternities and sororities. International organizations....
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hospitality 5 - 10 Professional clubs – people in same...

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