Hospitality 7 - • Intangible services guest cannot return...

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Hospitality chapter 1: Hospitality Spirit The Pineapple Tradition The symbol of hospitality Brought back from the West Indies by early European explorers. Captains would put the pineapple outside of house to symbolize that their friends were welcome to visit them. The Interrelated nature of Hospitality and Tourism Largest and fastest growing in world Made of off multiple professions EX: restaurants, theme parks, cruise lines, casinos, resorts, and etc. Characteristics of the Hospitality Industry Four shifts in industry : morning ( 8-8 ) , mid-day ( 10 30 – 7 ), evening ( 3 – 11 30 ) , graveyard ( 11 – 7 30 ) Strive for outstanding guest satisfaction
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Unformatted text preview: • Intangible services- guest cannot return them • Inseparability of production and consumption of the service product due to the guests’ demands • Perishability- cannot get lost profits from services we did not sell The Focus on service • Great service results in happy guest which provide service with continued money and word of mouth advertising • Seven deadly sins of service: 1. Apathy 2. Brush off 3. Coldness 4. Condescension 5. Robotics 6. Rule Books 7. Runaround Perfecting Service • Teamwork creates successful service • Success: 1. Focus on guest 2. Understand role of guest service 3. Anticipate guest needs 4. Thrive on change...
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Hospitality 7 - • Intangible services guest cannot return...

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