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hospitality 9 - What is largest source of revenue on cruise...

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Review Moment of truth : any time a staff member has an opportunity to make a guest happy Motivates cultural tourism : lifestyle of community and heritage offerings of community Cruises are generally all inclusive including everything except for : beverages, off shore excursions, gaming, and spa Individual responsible for the task of balancing the guest accts. Receivable is: the night auditor What percent of the country’s economics are engaged in the service industry? 70% Infrastructure: roads, transportation, communication, lodging The concept where product production and consumption occur simultaneous: inseparability Fastest growing segment of US travel and tourism industry: vacation ownership Synonym for ecotourism: sustainable tourism What percentage of all travel is pleasure related? 82% What’s the broad concept of ecotourism: minimizing environmental impact What is the hospitality spirit? Making the guest happy, creating memorable experiences for others
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Unformatted text preview: What is largest source of revenue on cruise ship? Beverages (alcohol) Bundle airline seat with hotel accommodations and tour guide? Wholesalers Most significant challenge of lodging franchiser? Maintaining quality standards Services cannot be possed? Intangibility Benefits of sustainable tourism: places broad based education on society In percentage form how much do franchising fees run in the lodging industry? 3-4% The front office, housekeeping, concierge, and communications fall under: rooms division Who is the largest player in the cruise ship industry: Carnival What percentage of global workforce works in travel and tourism : 7.8% What is the single greatest influence on modern tourism: technology (airplanes) When Marriott charges the owner of a hotel 2-4% grosses revenues to operate the hotel this is known as : management contract How do you calculate the average daily rate : Rooms revenue / rooms occupied...
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hospitality 9 - What is largest source of revenue on cruise...

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