Hospitality 10 - Type of rotation system in...

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Review 2 Why have quick service restaurants increased in popularity - convenience based on location List of people in the back of the house of restaurants - Cook, Chef, dishwasher, kitchen manager Process of describing, recommending, showing, and offering a variety of food and beverage choices- suggestive selling Average person spends 50% of budget on : food Lunch is the most popular meal eaten away from home Chains- share same name, mkt concept, service, food, design Fusion restaurants - blending of 2 cuisines Calculate average check - total sales divided by # of guest Ownership of ethnic restaurants is usually : individually owned and operated Implement comprehensive training plans in restaurants? - reduces turnover When food is prepared in the kitchen, plated in the kitchen, and served individually to guest - Russian service Par stock- number minimum amt of food in restaurant
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Unformatted text preview: Type of rotation system in restaurants-inventory rotation (first in first out) Business served with manage services- sporting events, colleges & university & secondary schools, hospitals, airports, military, national parks Difference between commercial and non-commercial food services- commercial is for profit Avg. food cost of an inflight meal- 7 dollars Eventual result of airlines decreasing inflight food services- restaurants in airport get more business, chain restaurants move into airports Review 2 Beer-fermented juice of barley Fortified wines fortified with- Brandi Examples of fortified wines- port, sherry, Madera Rule of thumb for pairing food with wine —heavier the food= heavier the wine Most important ingredient in beer-water Spirits differ from beer and wine? – distilled as opposed to fermented...
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Hospitality 10 - Type of rotation system in...

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