Hospitality 11 - elks Shriners veterans of foreign wars 14...

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Review 3 1. Place where members gather for social recreation or fraternal reasons - private club 2. World’s largest independent theme park - Knott’s ferry farm 3. Largest movie studio theme park- Universal studios Hollywood 4. Largest corporate owned themed animal park in US - Annheizer Busch 5. Largest regional theme park company- six flags 6. Which company opened park for benefit of employees - Hershey park 7. Systematic planning , developing, and marketing of festivals- event planning 8. Biggest public festival in the world- October fest 9. Royal ancient golf club of St. Andrew Scotland founded in 1758 is- very first golf club 10. When joining a country club potential members may be required to pay an initiation fee that might be refundable when they resign membership 11. What do you call a facility that has a golf club, course, restaurants, club house, banks, bars, swimming- country club 12. Type of club that is business oriented- professional club
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13. Fraternal clubs-
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Unformatted text preview: elks, Shriners, veterans of foreign wars 14. Distinction between proprietary clubs and others- open to make a profit 15. How is internal management structure of clubs work- articles of incorporation and bylaws 16. Total amt of money wagered in a casino-handle 17. Which two states do not permit any form of gambling- Hawaii and Utah 18. Fastest growing sector in casino gaming i s native American 19. % casino gaming companies pay in taxes- 40 20. Sub business that run under gaming entertainment- food and beverage, entertainment, gambling, theme park, museums 21. What do we call a cruise that is designed to focus on gaming entertainment- cruise to no where 22. Some of the first forms of gambling were-chariot races, dice 23. Las Vegas and Atlantic city are most popular for gaming entertainment 24. Native American gaming located in 28 states 25. Largest gaming company in the world- Harris...
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Hospitality 11 - elks Shriners veterans of foreign wars 14...

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