6-22-11 - 6/22/11 Traits What is a trait? - A relatively...

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6/22/11 Traits What is a trait? - A relatively enduring behavior that people tend to use consistently across their life span - Communication trait o An individual’s consistencies and differences in message-sending and receiving behaviors o Focus on how people use messages to stimulate meaning in receivers’ minds - Personality trait o An individual’s psychological makeup comprising attitudes, values, beliefs, experiences, and behavior 1. Communication apprehension - James McCroskey - An individual’s level of fear or anxiety associated with either real or anticipated cmn with another person or persons - 20% of the US population are highly apprehensive - Most people feel some degree of anxiety when giving public speeches, but other contexts, such as small groups, one-on-one conversations, and mediated communication can also cause apprehension Types of C.A. - Trait apprehension o Enduring level spanning across all cmn situations - Context-based apprehension o Specific content (small groups, meetings, public speaking) - Audience-based apprehension o Speaking to certain audience-type - Situational apprehension o Communicating with a given person in a particular situation 3 treatments for reducing C.A. 1. Systematic desensitization a. Focuses on identifying and reducing the physiological responses to fear 2. Cognitive restructuring a. Focuses on replacing one’s negative self0talk with realistic and encouraging self-talk 3. Skills training a. Practicing and developing the skills associated with effective communication Orientations - Motley argues that it is a PERFORMANCE orientation to public speaking that accounts for most of the fear people experience
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6-22-11 - 6/22/11 Traits What is a trait? - A relatively...

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