6-29-11 - Non-Verbal CMN Overview NV codes are clusters of...

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6/29/11 Non-Verbal CMN Overview - NV codes are clusters of behaviors that are used to convey meaning - NV CMN consists of all those meanings that people exchange beyond the words themselves - How much meaning is conveyed through NV codes? o It depends o NV is better at expressing emotions Verbal is better for facts and info Characteristics of NV CMN 1. NV CMN has 3 types of primacy a. Phylogenetic i. NV predated language b. Ontogenetic i. First rely on NV means to interact with caretakers and environment ii. Infants begin communicating w/o use of language c. Interactional i. NV behaviors have primacy in the opening minutes of interactions and mediated CMN events ii. Conversations begin with eye contact 2. NV CMN is omnipresent a. There is always something to observe in another person 3. NV behaviors are multifunctional 4. NV behaviors form a universal language system 5. NV CMN can lead to increased and decreased understanding 6. NV CMN can express what verbal CMN can’t or shouldn’t 7. NV CMN is trusted NV and Verbal CMN combine to create CMN - Redundancy: duplicating the verbal message - Substitution: replacing the verbal message - Complementation: illustrating the verbal message - Emphasis: highlighting the verbal message - Contradiction: sending opposite signals of the literal meaning of the verbal message How NV and V CMN differs - NV CMN uses multiple channels (auditory, visual, tactile) - NV is more ambiguous and open to multiple interpretations - NV has fewer rules
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6-29-11 - Non-Verbal CMN Overview NV codes are clusters of...

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