7-12-11 - Friendships Friendships Voluntary interpersonal...

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7/12/11 Friendships Friendships - Voluntary interpersonal relationships in which the people involved like each other and enjoy each other’s company - Different from other relationships: o Easier to break off than romantic or family relationships o Less expectations of loyalty o Less likely to publicly display affection o Tend to be power-balanced Stages of Development (Rawlins) 1. Role-limited interaction a. Adoption of social roles and rules b. Public interactions governed by rules of civility 2. Friendly relations a. Exchange of humorous anecdotes b. Friendly chit-chat c. Establish groundwork for a potential friendship 3. Moves toward friendship a. Involvement with more activities (voluntary) b. Can involve more than just that person (hanging out as a group) c. Talk focuses on similarities 4. Nascent friendship a. Friendship is crystallized in this stage b. Engage in a wider range of activities/topics of conversation c. Can introduce “hot topics” 5. Stabilized friendship a. Trust develops b. Ritualized activities/conversations c. One-on-one time 6. Waning friendship a. Result of neglect, lack of support, etc. b. Either complete disappearance of friendship OR period of time of being apart (and then restarting) Communal vs. Agentic - Communal friendships o Primarily focused on sharing time and activities and emotional support - Agentic friendships o Parties focused primarily on helping each other achieve practical goals Communication in Friendships 4 dialectical principles - Need to be managed in friendship cmn
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7-12-11 - Friendships Friendships Voluntary interpersonal...

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