7-18-11 - 7/18/11 Intercultural Communication What is...

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7/18/11 Intercultural Communication What is culture? - A set of values and beliefs, norms and customs, and rules/codes that socially define groups of people - Bind them to one another - Gives them a sense of commonality Culture is the collective answer to questions: - Who are we? - What is our place in the world? - How are we to live our lives? How cultures differ - People dress, move, and speak differently - Listen to different music, eat different food, live in different kinds of shelters - Cultures also differ on “worldviews” o Orientation toward such things as God, humans, nature, the universe, and other philosophical issues that are concerned with the concept of being 5 dimensions of cultural differences 1. Locus of control 2. Activity orientation 3. Attitudes toward time 4. Connecting to another 5. Communication style Locus of Control - Control cultures o Assumed that people control their own destinies o No limits to what people can do if they are hardworking and determined o Internal locus of control “Don’t let anything stand in your way” o Separate the natural and civilized worlds o Humans are “superior” to other living things o Nature is something to be mastered An inexhaustible resource to be exploited Ex: if there are floods, build dams Ex: if there are insects, spray pesticides Leads to material wealth, but also environmental damage - Constraint cultures o People have very little control over their own lives o Little the individual can do to change own fate
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7-18-11 - 7/18/11 Intercultural Communication What is...

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