7-21-11 - Power& Conflict Conflict A transactional...

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Unformatted text preview: 7/21/11 Power & Conflict Conflict- A transactional process between people who perceive incompatible goals, scarce resources, or interference in achieving their objectives- Characteristics o Unfolds over time o Strongly shaped by perception o Rooted in our perceptions regarding goals and resources Types of conflict (TEXTBOOK)- Blowups o Erupts suddenly and involves heated emotional exchanges- Civil o Calmly and rationally discussed by participants- Déjà vu o Follows a predictable and repeated pattern- Indirect o Not discussed ro explicitly recognized by participants- Mock o Playful in intent- Sarcastic sniping o Marked by exchanges of hostile sarcasm- Silent treatment o Characterized by one partner’s silence across 2+ encounters Kitchen-sinking- Combatants throw accusations at each other that have little to do with the disagreement at hand- From the expression: “Throwing everything but the kitchen sink at them”- Ex.: “Oh yeah? What about that time you forgot our anniversary?” Power- The ability to influence or control other people and events- Characteristics o 1. Power is always present Can be balanced (friend to friend) or unbalanced (manage to employee) Symmetrical: power-balanced relationships Complementary: unbalanced power relationships o 2. Power can be used ethically or unethically o 3. Power is granted Power doesn’t reside within people...
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7-21-11 - Power& Conflict Conflict A transactional...

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