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movanalysisnotes - You must then write a thorough analysis...

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You must then write a thorough analysis of the two movies, comparing and contrasting the use of communication in both. Your focus should be on relational communication. This paper should be between 3-4 pages double-spaced with 12 pt. font and 1’’ margins. 1. Communicator Traits 2. Non-Verbal CMN 3. Verbal CMN 4. Relational CMN 5. Friendship dialectics 6. Love languages We have not yet covered the final three concepts, so generally take notes on the different relationships you see in the movie, if they are forming or ending, and the type of communication used (ie: hostile, etc.). For the first three concepts that we have covered, take detailed notes on examples of these in the movie. - First meeting unconventional, but not awkward - V.V.: strong personality, communicator style:… - Getting ready for dinner guests, Gary uses selective listening, pseudo-listening - Dinner party, gary aggressive with argumentativeness, aniston wanting to censor him - Dinner party, gary not adapting to music making - Brooke’s expectations (lemons, flowers, ballet, dishes) - Argument: hostile, insulting; ends in neither apologizing for regrets; no communication after the fight - Insulting during the room fights - She doesn’t want to listen to co-worker - She wanted him to appreciate her and hinted in ways that she thought he would understand, but he was left in the dark - He never let his guard down, always did what he wanted to do, didn’t want to sacrifice b/c sacrificing meant showing vulnerability - His relationship with brother, proxemics Communicator Traits TBE - Gary o Fast-paced speaking style o Complains often
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o Low-self monitor (noble self) - Brooke o Rhetorical reflector; changes herself to make others comfortable o Intonation: hints often at her key words - Both o Started off with argumentativeness, progressed to ambushing LAWKI - Messer o Comfortable tone, makes all those around him more attracted to him o When flirting, uses expressive reactions and asking questions as convo devices o Assertive and argumentative o High self-esteem - Holly o Rhetorically sensitive (as relationship with Messer progresses) o Low self-esteem Non-verbal TBE - Gary o Uses illustrators all the time o Messed with environment to piss Brooke off - Brooke o Uses illustrators when arguing o Avoided eye contact when crying o Tried to maintain clean/Martha Stewart-y environment -
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movanalysisnotes - You must then write a thorough analysis...

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