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CMN 101 Theories notes For test 2 - Computer Mediated...

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Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) THEORY Social presence theory: text based messages deprive us of the sense that a warm body is jointly involved in the interaction. If we don’t feel anyone is actually there, or communication becomes impersonal, individualistic and task-oriented. Ex: Flaming email Media Richness Theory: Performances improve with the use of “richer” media equivocal tasks. o ***Both theories regard the absence of nonvberbal cues as a permanent flaw of medium. Social Information Processing Theory (SIP) o Individuals iniation and developing relationships using texted based mediums (online chat, email, instant messaging, can be developed o GULP vs. SIP SIP Key Ideas o Verbal cues of affinity replace nonverbal cues o Requires extended time 4:1 ratio 15mins of face to face interaction=1 hour of computer mediated interaction SIP: Hyperpersonal Perspective o Label used to describe CMC relationships that are more intimate than romances or friendships would be if partners were physically together o 4 elements that contribute to the hyperpersonal perspective Sender: selective self-perception Receiver: over attribution of similarity Channel: Communicating on your own time (asynchronies messages) Feedback: Self-fulfilling prophecy SIP: Critique o Motivated by affiliation need o The hyperpersonal perspective does not do a good job of explaining negative relational outcomes RELATIONAL DIALECTICS by: Leslie Baxter, Barbara Montegomery Central Concept: Contradiction o A contradiction is formed whenever two tendencies or forces are interdependent yet mutually negate one another Dialectics within relationships o Connectedness and separateness o Certainty and uncertainty o Openness and closedness
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Dialectics between the couple and the community o Inclusion and seclusion o Conventionality and uniqueness o Revelation and concealment Assumptions of Relational Dialectics o Relationships are not linear o Relational life is characterized by change
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CMN 101 Theories notes For test 2 - Computer Mediated...

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