lec1 - Types of Noise 1. Semantic problems/issues that you...

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March 31, 2011 Communication Defined **print out and bring handout to discuss on Tuesday Communication – a process in which individuals employ symbols to establish and interpret meaning in their environment Process: communication is ongoing and unending Symbol: an arbitrary label or representation of phenomena Absolutely no connection b/w the word and the thing (arbitrary) Concrete symbol: words that refer to something that you can see/touch/taste (ex. chalk) Abstract symbol: words that make reference to ideas; intangible (ex. love) Meaning: what people extract from a message Environment: the situation or context in which communication occurs ~~ Environment~~ Sender message/feedback Receiver The Linear Model 1 st model to describe human communication Sender, Message, Channel, Receiver S M C R ^ Noise Flaws: feedback is missing
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Unformatted text preview: Types of Noise 1. Semantic problems/issues that you have with the words someone is using; the emotional elements you bring to the recognition of the word 2. Physical/Environmental* - what noises in the environment that keeps you from hearing something 3. Psychological all the things that you are thinking internally that prevents you from hearing the message; emotional cognitive distractions 4. Physiological the biology, youre hungry or tired, things that are physically wrong with you that interfere with hearing messages The Interactional Model (look at notebook) Transactional Model Field of Experience (filter): how a persons culture, experiences, and heredity influence his or her ability to communicate with another Areas of Study within Communication-Intrapersonal*-Interpersonal-Small Group*-Organizational-Rhetoric*-Media-intercultural...
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lec1 - Types of Noise 1. Semantic problems/issues that you...

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