lec1 - Types of Noise 1 Semantic – problems/issues that...

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March 31, 2011 Communication Defined **print out and bring handout to discuss on Tuesday Communication – a process in which individuals employ symbols to establish and interpret meaning in their environment Process: communication is ongoing and unending Symbol: an arbitrary label or representation of phenomena Absolutely no connection b/w the word and the thing (arbitrary) Concrete symbol: words that refer to something that you can see/touch/taste (ex. chalk) Abstract symbol: words that make reference to ideas; intangible (ex. love) Meaning: what people extract from a message Environment: the situation or context in which communication occurs ~~ Environment~~ Sender message/feedback Receiver The Linear Model 1 st model to describe human communication Sender, Message, Channel, Receiver S M C R ^ Noise Flaws: feedback is missing
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Unformatted text preview: Types of Noise 1. Semantic – problems/issues that you have with the words someone is using; the emotional elements you bring to the recognition of the word 2. Physical/Environmental* - what noises in the environment that keeps you from hearing something 3. Psychological – all the things that you are thinking internally that prevents you from hearing the message; emotional cognitive distractions 4. Physiological – the biology, you’re hungry or tired, things that are physically wrong with you that interfere with hearing messages The Interactional Model (look at notebook) Transactional Model Field of Experience (filter): how a person’s culture, experiences, and heredity influence his or her ability to communicate with another Areas of Study within Communication-Intrapersonal*-Interpersonal-Small Group*-Organizational-Rhetoric*-Media-intercultural...
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lec1 - Types of Noise 1 Semantic – problems/issues that...

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