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Major marine reptile groups: - Ichthyosaurs - Sauropterygians - Mosasaurs - Thalattosaurs - Sea turtles Appendicular swimming (limbs) - Plesiosaurs: similar to penguins - Rowing vs Underwater flight (more efficient) Ichthyosaurs - Started looking like lizards w/ flippers; over time of 30 mil years, got into fish shape - Started with five fingers then grew more flipper shaped - Lost fingers down to three and then started adding everywhere - Highest number: 10 fingers - Ophthalmosaurus eye as big as human face; we know this b/c has bones in eye f-number - Tells you how bright lighting system is - Our eye’s f-number is 2.1 (b/c spend more time in day)
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Unformatted text preview: -Lower f-numbers mean nocturnal or have large eyes Sauropterygians-Placodus: flat teeth; shell eaters; unlikely gave rise to turtles-Second part of sauro were different, had long necks; gave rise to plesiosaurs-Elasmosaurs: 10 m necks Mosasaurs-Came from squamates-Related to lizards and snakes-Plotosaurus: mosasaur from fresno county, CA-Globidens: globial tooth, shell eaters Thalattosaurs-Strange proportion of tail to body (really long tail)-Some shell eaters (round teeth), some fish eaters-Had claws, meaning they must have been hunting at bottom of ocean Sea Turtles-Early cretaceous...
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