Lecture 17 (JL's)

Lecture 17 (JL's) - o Started with 5 fingers just like the...

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Lecture 17 Going back to the water - All species gave rise to animals that go back and live in the sea How do vertebrates swim? - Actual swimmers use body axis. Also known as eel like swimmers. - Good acceleration bad efficiency - Two extremes are eel like or tuna like - Eel’s don’t angulate their whole body and adult’s just use their tail to swim, but the young eel angulated themselves. - Fly underwater What is the thunniform convergence? - A lot of good cruisers are tuna like fishers - Due to the water cause them to be the same shape. What do reptiles face when returning to the water? - See slide What are the five major marine reptile groups? - Ichthyosaurs o Looking like a lizard with flippers o After 30 million years they turn into fish shape and stayed (middle Triassic)
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Unformatted text preview: o Started with 5 fingers just like the land design but had flipper shape o Then started to lose their fingers then started to gain drastically to 10 fingers o Ophtalmosaurus has giant eyes almost as big as the eye as the giant squid o Eyes have f-number(focal length/aperture diameter) o Living like whales today-Sauroterygians o Placodonitia( flat teeth animal) Unlikely to give rise to turtles-Mosasaurs o Early and late cretaceous. From the middle east. o Pachyrchahis oldest snake we have. Has high limbs and mosasaurs , have feet.-Thalattosaurs o-Sea turtles o The only surviving group-Pleasaurs have pointed tip like a bird wing and fly under water....
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Lecture 17 (JL's) - o Started with 5 fingers just like the...

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