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Marketing Strategy “Airliner Wars: Boeing vs. Airbus – and Recent Outsourcing Woes” The competition between Boeing and Airbus as the two largest aircraft company in the world was begun in 1990s when the demand for airplanes burgeoned as never before. The two companies facing a fierce battle in order to win the market share. Price wars were unavoided, led the two companies to find ways to make their production and supply chain as efficient as possible. Problems with Boeing Boeing is the world premiere commercial jetliner company. They started to build their first commercial jetliner in 1950s by introducing 707 to the market followed by 747 in 1960 that was claimed to dramatically lowered costs and airfares. In 1990 Boeing introduced 777 the fully computerized aircraft. In the early of 1990s, Boeing layoff experience workers by offered them an early retirement plan that had been taken up by 9,000 of 13,000 eligible people almost twice double than Boeing had expected. The drastic layoff took effect in the mid of 1990s when the demand of the commercial airplanes surged. Boeing faced the so called experience gap, although they had already employed 32,000 new employees, but still the number cannot satisfied the need of the
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MS_Case3_Boeing - Marketing Strategy Airliner Wars: Boeing...

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