MS_Case5_Harley - Marketing Strategy Harley-Davidson:...

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Unformatted text preview: Marketing Strategy Harley-Davidson: Creating an Enduring Mystique The century-old Harley Davidson had destroyed all of its U.S. competitors and had a solid 70 percent of the motorcycle market in its first 60 years. But in 1960’s its market was shaken up by Japanese invasion of the auto industry. The invasion In 1960’s , the demand for motorcycles were dramatically expanded. This time, Honda instituted a distinctly different strategy-lightweight cycles and an advertising approach directed toward a new customer. However, Harley-Davidson didn’t react to the Honda threat. They considered themselves the leader in full-size motorcycles and they didn’t believe in the lightweight market. Finally they recognized the new factor in the market but too late. Aftermath of the Honda invasion: 1965-1981 In 1965, Harley-Davidson mad its first public stock offering to AMF, an American company with strong interests in recreational equipment including bowling. But it faced a struggle for control. Harley was falling down on quality. AMF put up with an faced a struggle for control....
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MS_Case5_Harley - Marketing Strategy Harley-Davidson:...

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