MS_Case7_BostonBeer - Marketing Strategy Case Summary:...

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Unformatted text preview: Marketing Strategy Case Summary: Boston Beer Boston Beer is a company whose marketing approach is talked about as they successfully found their own niche in the market. They are an American brewing company, founded in 1985 by Jim Coch, and they initially targeted men in their twenties and older, who were willing to pay extra for premium beer. The brand name of the beer was Samuel Adams, an American Revolutionary who also brewed beer. The company sells around 1.2 million barrels of beer in the United States, has two breweries, and contracts with three other breweries across the United States to manufacture beers using its recipe. The philosophy behind targeting that particular segment was simple - higher quality domestic brews merit higher prices- , the old “if it's really good, then you must pay more for it” principle that we are all familiar with. The “homegrown” factor was also heavily played on and was a positive step in terms of competing successfully with expensive imported beer. Their approach was direct, and they relied on “word of mouth” successfully with expensive imported beer....
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MS_Case7_BostonBeer - Marketing Strategy Case Summary:...

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