OB_Case2 - ORGANIZATION BEHAVIOR Case 0 2: When Steve...

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ORGANIZATION BEHAVIOR Case 02: When Steve Becomes Stephanie This case involves; Steve Ambler: A rising star at LaSalle, a husband with two children, is going to become Stephanie through a process known as gender transition Henrietta Mercer: The senior vice president for human resources at LaSalle Chemical Karl Diener: The CEO of LaSalle, asked Henrietta for regular updates on the problems LaSalle might face as result of Steve’s gender transition Alex Grant: CatalCon’s top salesman who is the main connection to CatalCon customer base The situation; LaSalle, a Fortune 1000 company headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, that provided products and services to oil-drilling, refinery, and pollution-control businesses, had acquired CatalCon, a company in Detroit that sold fluid catalytic cracking technology to petrochemical businesses. Karl had handpicked Steve to lead the change initiative and appointed him group sales director. Steve had begun to embark the steps in the transition process: electrolysis, voice lessons,
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OB_Case2 - ORGANIZATION BEHAVIOR Case 0 2: When Steve...

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