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HOMWORK 3 #RA6997422 KIM, JUNG EUN (SHARON KIM) North Korea’s bombing of South Korea’s island (2010.11.) Stakeholders This event includes many stakeholders such as Yeongpyeong island citizens, South Korea citizens, government, politicians, militaries, economists etc. but I’ll put it in a group of ‘South Korea’ then simply separate nation wise to compare with other side of stakeholders like ‘North Korea’, ‘U.S.A’ and ‘China’. South Korea : After the event, the view point of government policy toward North Korea is turned to more aggressive. It’s changing from the mindset that it’s difficult to discuss the future with current enemy North Korea to think that we do commitment to our practice to change the North Korea as the type of China or Vietnam rather than just waiting for. North Korea : This event was directed by Kim Jung-il and Kim Jung-eun’s full
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