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1. Which of the following aspects of a company would not be considered a  critical success factor, for a company that competes on differentiation?    A.  Cutting edge research and development. B.  Excellent customer service. C.  Award-winning product quality. D.  Continually beating competitors to the market with new, innovative  products. E.  High level of production efficiency. Response: E Answer: E Points: 1 / 1 2. The competitive strategy of cost leadership allows a firm to outperform  competitors by producing products or services:    A.  With lowered quality standards, thus reducing overall costs. B.  In smaller operational units. C.  At lower cost achieved by increased productivity. D.  With attractive added features making the product more expensive, or "the  cost leader". E.  That are heavily promoted and heavily warranted. Response: C Answer: C Points: 1 / 1 3. Cost management information typically is the responsibility of the:    A.  Chief Financial Officer. B.  Controller. C.  Treasurer. D.  Chief Information Officer. Response: B Answer: B Points: 1 / 1 4. Which one of the following critical success customer factors is best  measured by warranty expense?    A.  Quality. B.  Dealer and distributor efficiency and effectiveness. C.  Timeliness of delivery. D.  Customer satisfaction. Response: A Answer: A Points: 1 / 1 5. All of the following actions enhance the new focus on making management 
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Quiz #1 Answers - 1.

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