Week 7 and 8 Quiz - 2. Solve: (solution set) (3x- )-...

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2. Solve: (solution set) ¾ (3x- ½ )- 2/3<1/3 9/4x-3/8-2/3<1/3 9/4x-3/8-2/3=1/3 9/4x-3/8=1/3+2/3=1 9/4x-3/8=1 9/4x=1 3/8 X< 11/18 {x|x<11/18} 3. First, classify the graph of the system as consistent or inconsistent and as dependent or independent. Then match it with a system of equations. Solutions: Infinitely many Is the system consistent or inconsistent? Are the equations dependent or independent? Which system of equations matches the graph? 1. 8x-6y=42 -8x+6y=-42 2. 8x+6y=42 -8x-6y=-42 4. Match each graph with the appropriate inequality Graph 1 (0,-3) (-3,0) Y+x/<-3 Graph 2 (0,3)(-4,0)
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3x/>4y-12 Graph 3 (3,0)(-5,0) 5x-3y<15 5. The perimeter of a rectangle is 54m. The length is 9m more than twice the width. Find the dimensions. 2L+2W=54 L=2W+9 2(2W+9)+2W=54 4W+18+2W=54 6W=36 W=6 L=2(6)+9 L=12+9 L=21 2(21)+2(6)=54 42+12=54 6. Miguel’s insurance company will replace his car if repair costs exceed 80% of the car’s value. The car recently sustained $9600 worth of damage, but it was not replaced. What was the value of his car? More than $12,000
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Week 7 and 8 Quiz - 2. Solve: (solution set) (3x- )-...

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