Week 9 Final - 1 Translate to an algebraic expression a The...

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1. Translate to an algebraic expression a. The product of 49% and some number .49*b or .49B 2. 5/8x+1/16x=7/16+x 10/16x + 1/16x= 11/16x 11/16x= 7/16+x -5/16x= 7/16 X= -7/5 -7/8-7/80= -77/80 7/16+-7/5= -77/80 3. In 1990, the life expectancy of males in a certain country was 71.4 years. In 1996, it was 74.0 years. Let E represent the life expectancy in year t and let t represent the number of years since 1990 First data point (0,71.4) Second date point (6,74) M= 74-71.4 / 6-0 = 2.6/6= .4 The point slope equation is Y-71.4= .4(x-0) Y-71.4=.4x Y= .4x+71.4 E(t)=.4t+71.4 a. The linear function E(t) that fits the data is:E(t)= .4t+71.4 b. Use the function to predict the life expectancy of males in 2003.4(13)+71.4= 76.6 4. Amy paid $70.68 for a pair of running shoes during a 30%-off sale. What was the regular price? a. 70.68= Y-X=70.68 X= Y*.30 Y-(.30Y)=70.68 .70Y=70.68 Y= 100.97 The regular price was 100.97 5. Solve using the multiplication principle. Don’t forget to perform a check. a. 11x= -99 X= -9 6. Use < or > to make the statement true a. 3 > 0 7. Graph the equation a. Y=6
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8. Solve. Then graph a. Y-3>-18 Y>-15 {y|y>-15} (-------------- -15. ............. 9. -0.7x<-56 a. {X|>80} 10. Graph the line containing the given pair of points and find the slope. a. (1,0) (-3,-2) -2-0/-3-1= -2/-4 .5 b. Find the slope of the line. Select the correct choice below and, if necessary, fill in the answer box to complete your choice. M= .5 11. Solve the compound inequality a. 4>-3x+3 or 10</-2x+5 b. First inequality 4>-3x+3 3x>3-4 3x>-1 x>-1/3 Second inequality 10 -2x+5 2x≤5-10 2x≤-5 X≤-5/2 (- ,-5/2)(-1/3, ) 12. The equation y= -1777x+27,153 can be used to predict the number y of gun deaths in the United States x years after 2000. That is. X=0 corresponds to 2000, x=2 corresponds to 2002, x=6 corresponds to 2006, and so on. Predict the number of deaths in 2006 and 2009. In what year will the number of gun deaths be
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Week 9 Final - 1 Translate to an algebraic expression a The...

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