A. CASE ADVICE. pixar - All incalss cases and past exam...

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CASE ADVICE: ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCUTRE: PIXAR Elements of pixar’s structure 1. work specialization/divison of labour which one and why? social(wide) or functional(narrow): social specliazation – ie specialized professionals whose area of expertise differed: 3 specialized groups in Pixar – TECHNOLOGY, CREATIVE AND PRODUCTION GROUPS – within these groups must be people whose education allows them to take on a range of responsiblities. It seems that much of the jobs in Pixar involve a degree of collaboration (“consistently working together”) – this implies as well that people are not stuck working in narrow little departments but engage in a range of interaction with others. Given this social specialization it reflects more the organic. 2. decision making is decentralized – decision making is diffused throughout the lower levels of pixar – how is that shown to be the case here? They employ groups that are assigned their own projects and are given relative control “ given the freedom to work directly with one another and avoid going through the higher ups…”. This therefore is more reflective of the organic
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A. CASE ADVICE. pixar - All incalss cases and past exam...

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