A.case advice.sample exam Walmart

A.case advice.sample exam Walmart - 1 SAMPLE MIDTERM EXAM:...

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SAMPLE MIDTERM EXAM: ADVICE Part 1 (60 MARKS) Part I Case Questions Keep in mind that in addressing the questions below, you must apply the concepts, theories or frameworks discussed in class and in the texts to the context of this case. No marks will be awarded for simply “dumping” textbook material. Make any assumptions necessary. Why would a business like Walmart be better structured as a mechanistic than an organic organization? Discuss with specific reference to these concepts. Again, make any assumptions you need to with regard to the nature of this organization .(20 marks) ADVICE: This requires some assumptions to be made. Given your perception of a company like Walmart why would you view it as more closely reflecting a mechanistic rather than an organic organization?(eg. Mechanistic – recall: 1. division of labour – how narrow or how wide are jobs - functional or social specialization? narrow division of labour 2. ., centralized decision-making, 3. high formalization, 4. narrow span of control/hierarchical). SEE HOME DEPOT FOR IDEAS – WALMART IS THE OPPOSITE OF PIXAR See K book for description of mechanistic (and our summary powerpoints). However this question is really asking about CONTINGENCIES OF STRUCTURE WHY the structure would appear in a certain way – therefore you Strategy, size, technology, environment should consider the contingencies of structure (see K book). Ie.– explain how each could impact Walmarts structure. EG. Size –
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A.case advice.sample exam Walmart - 1 SAMPLE MIDTERM EXAM:...

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