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Home Depot Case page 121 SUGGESTIONS Question 1 BEHAVIORAL SCHOOLS AT HOME DEPOT Human relations school (page 101-102) - Social factors are central to managing – social system of management: “take care of your people and they will take care of your company” - Show of concern as a way of managing - Health care benefits given to part timers – treating the workers important – as part of social system that works together - “…employees feel good about the company…” Mary Parker Follet: - Coordination o Motivate workers through coordinating group efforts – TRY TO SHOW SOME EXAMPLE FORM CASE (MAKE ANY ASSUMPTIONS YOU NEED) - Self management o Motivation though minimizing managerial control and allowing employees more responsibility to manage themselves – TRY TO MAKE REFERENCE TO CASE – IE ARE THERE SUGGESITONS THAT MANAGEMENT AND EMPLOYEERS ARE PARTNERS? YES, THERE IS A QUOTE FROM THE CASE THAT SAYS THAT. - Collaboration o Management work more as partner with employees “if you don’t have a team of people with a passion to win you’ll never be great” – it is more a team approach than a separate manager –
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a.Home Depot Case.S.11 - H ome Depot Case page 121...

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