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a.sample concept application.Sam.adviceS11 - ADVICE ON...

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ADVICE ON ANSWERING CASE QUESTIONS EG: Sam the Record Man Goes Broke For the first case, I just wanted to jot down some ideas to help you think about the approach to answering case questions. KEEP IN MIND THAT THERE IS NO SINGLE “RIGHT” ANSWER TO ANY CASE QUESTION. The challenge is to systematically address the requirements of the question by accurately applying course concepts (where necessary) to the context of the case. Here are some ideas: QUESTION 1 What factors inside this organization may have contributed to the company's demise? That is, to what degree do you think that problems with the following areas might have caused the downfall of Sam's: internal management, decision making and organizational structure? The three internal factors that should be considered are: (1) internal management, (2) strategy/decision making and (3) organizational structure. These internal factors correspond to the fundamental concepts of people, strategy and goals, and structure identified on page 6-8 of the Karakowsky text. This question is asking you to relate the three internal forces (people, structure and strategy) to this case. This is a good example of the need to make assumptions. Ie. The article does not really address the internal forces per se. You are required to make any assumptions in order to explain how these three forces might influence a business such as Sam’s. You are not graded on the quality of your assumptions – rather you simply need to make a reasonable effort to connect these three internal forces to the context of this case. Here are some POSSIBLE answers/ideas that you might consider, though by no means the only ideas/answers: 1. People: This requires comments on the nature of managing people in this organization. In what ways did they not adequately address the internal forces
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of “people” (ie managing practices that were perhaps flawed). Perhaps you
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a.sample concept application.Sam.adviceS11 - ADVICE ON...

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