Sexual Response Cycle

Sexual Response Cycle - Running head Sexual Response Cycle...

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Running head: Sexual Response Cycle 1 Sexual Response Cycle PSY/210 Sunday, July 31 st , 2011 Charles Christensen
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2 Sexual Response Cycle The sexual response cycle has four different phases that both male and females experience although normally at different times. The terms sexual response cycle describes the changes that occur in the body as women and men become sexually aroused. The sexual response cycle includes both myotonia and vasocongestion. Myotonia is muscle tension that causes facial grimaces, spasms in the hands and feet as well as the spasms of orgasm. Vasocongestion is the swelling of the genital tissues. (Nevid and Rathus,2005). The four distinct stages that occur in the sexual response cycle are the excitement phase, orgasmic phase, plateau phase, and the resolution phase. The excitement phase is the first phase of the sexual response cycle. The excitement phase is characterized by stimulation. The female excitement is characterized by vaginal lubrication which can start anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds after sexual stimulation. The excitement phase can last anywhere from a few minutes to many hours some of the characteristics of the excitement phase are; muscle tension, heart rate quickens, accelerated breathing, skin can/may become flushed, nipples become erect/hardened, vaginal lubrication, the blood flow to the genitals increase which result in the swelling of the woman’s clitoris and labia minora which is the inner lips and the erection of the men’s penis, women’s breast become fuller, vaginal walls begin to swell, and the man’s testes swell, his scrotum tightens and he beings secreting a lubricating liquid. (Nevid and Rathus,2005). The plateau phase is the second phase in the sexual response cycle and is
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Sexual Response Cycle - Running head Sexual Response Cycle...

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