AED 222 Week #2 DQs - AED-222 Week#2 DQ#1 Post your...

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AED-222 Week #2 DQ#1 Post your response to the following: After reading Can You Help Me with This Student? on pp. 156-157, how could you, as Juan’s teacher, provide him emotional and instructional support? Consider the following before responding: Have you ever experienced a lack of success despite how much effort you put into succeeding? Do you think you would have benefited from receiving emotional support during the ordeal? Do you remember seeking comfort or help? ANSWER Juan's teacher can provide him emotional support by talking to him, with his parents present, and letting him know he isn't alone, while reassuring him that some students face the same obstacles he is having but can overcome them with hard work and dedication. I feel expressing to him that you will be there to help him every step of the way will help him gain confidence to overcome the obstacles he is facing and let him know he can depend on a teacher for help, now and in the future. I believe such words of encouragement will reassure Juan that he can count on with the
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AED 222 Week #2 DQs - AED-222 Week#2 DQ#1 Post your...

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