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Check Point Channeling Students into a Gifted Program AED 222 Cynthia Collins
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Incorporating children into a gifted and talented program should start early on when the children are young. Gifted children should have access to materials that can grow their minds at an accelerated pace. This accelerated pace should be reflected in a specialized syllabus designed specifically for the gifted child. Their activities should be more sophisticated and they should be exposed to a variety of schools of thought. This will keep their hungry minds fed and will prevent their attention from wandering elsewhere. The accomplishments of the gifted students need to be recorded. Some of these accomplishments will be rare indeed. I know one child in particular who is only one and a half. While at daycare this child successfully engages in activities with the three year old children. Such documentation of these rare events is known as an anecdotal. We asked the director of this daycare center to place this one and a half year old child in a
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