AED222-CheckPoint-Final-Project-Matrix week 3

AED222-CheckPoint-Final-Project-Matrix week 3 -...

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Exceptionality Definition Classification criteria and characteristics Prevalence Associated educational practices Additional information Learning Disability (Week Two CheckPoint) Below average grades in at least one learning discipline Below average grades; Lack of focus/disinterested; Unable to understand; Poor interaction with others; Lacks drive 1 out of 25 students in 2006 or 2.58 million or 5.24% of school age children in the U.S. Hired agency responsibility (different location); In-school education Mild Intellectual Disability (Week Two CheckPoint)) Well below average grades in multiple learning disciplines; Shortfall adjustment activity IQ below average; Trouble learning adjustment strategies that arise during maturation years; Issues severely affect education; Trouble focusing; Academic grades well below average; Trouble remembering 2004-05 statistics: 555,000 in USA. Of this number 70- 85% where non- severe disabilities Hired agency responsibility (different location); Student teaching; Classroom learning Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities (Week Three Exercise) Unable to deal with feelings or to control actions; Feelings and actions are outside normal ranges typical for children in the same peer group; Ethnicity does not play a role in the disability; Typical academic standards are not met; Violent behavior, not following class norms, nervous, withdrawn socially, lack of focus 473,000 students in USA or 8.2% of all students or< 1% of all school age students Hired agency responsibility (different location); Immediate intercession utilizing special education and domestic locations;
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AED222-CheckPoint-Final-Project-Matrix week 3 -...

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