ANT 2511 30 march 11 - • Gorillalike shoulders means shes...

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Hadar, Ethiopia- Lucy Australopithecus Afarensis 1974 Donald Johansen 40% complete (47 of 206 bones ) All one individual, mature adult female 1 meter tall Early hominid Know she is a mature adult bc of bone fusions Valgus knee- bipedal position Salam- nicknamed lucys baby The first family Hadar 1975 Donald Johansen 200+ hominid fossils 13+ indiviuals- MNI= 9 adults and 4 juveniles Catastrophic assemblage- catastrophic event that wipes population out Life history data 3.2 MYA Lived in multi male and female groups Salaam A. afarensis 3.3 mya
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Skull, fingers, legs, feet, and complete torso
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Unformatted text preview: • Gorillalike shoulders means shes a climber • Nicknamed Lucys baby • Dikka research project in rift valley Australopithecus afarensis • Pronounced sexual dimorphism • Brain size 430 cc • Diet of fruit and other plant foods • Multi male and female groups The Laetoli Footprints • Prints of three hominids • Lots of footprints and animal activity • Bipedalism common by this time • Tanzinia • Baby footprints in bigger footprints • Baby footprints disappear and they speculate that the mother picks up baby after a while bc the footprints of female deepen...
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ANT 2511 30 march 11 - • Gorillalike shoulders means shes...

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