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Darwins dangerous idea - -Different Beaks to adapt to...

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Humanistic Tradition 1-14 Darwin movie- Darwin’s Dangerous Idea 1. Natural Selection Unites world of motion and world of purpose and design 2. Evolution Who we are, what we are made of Went against natural history in Great Britain and jeopardized science and the Bible in Darwin’s time. 3. Mountains- Coming about by land rising Fossilized sea creature remains at 14,000 feet above the sea floor 4. Finches- Galapagos birds Different species of Finches on Islands New Species of finches on Galapagos Islands- Finches ancestors from other countries and the bird adapted to environment ( Common Ground Finch ancestor ) - People do not think it is true but that God put Finches on the Islands
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Unformatted text preview: -Different Beaks to adapt to environment and how they eat 5. Life is like a tree- the trunk is the ancient common ancestor and the branches are different species 6. Charles’ grandfather also suspected the theory of evolution 7. Rainforest-• Most species of animals in the world in one places • Darwin explored there • Schneider team explores different species of animals and also explores the size of bird’s beaks. ( like Darwin did with finches ) 8. DNA-• Determines traits of all living things • A,C,G to offspring • Mistakes in A,C,G can result in new characteristics...
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