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Hominid Adaptions - -Found in Susexx gravel pit-The Duck in...

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Hominid Adaptions 1. Pliocene - Earth cooling - Bipedalism 2. Family- Hominidae - Hominids Members of family occurred after split from African great apes - Protohominid Earliest members of hominid lineage Little fossil record Structure and behavior represented through hypothesis 3. Evolution of mankind - Locomotion first Ape, bipedal ape, intelligent bipedal ape with big brain, human - Brains first Ape, big brain ape, bipedal ape, human 4. Piltdown man - Discovery in 1912 - Discovered by Charles Dawson: lawyer and amateur archaeologist
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Unformatted text preview: -Found in Susexx gravel pit-The Duck in the picture was from a nearby far and named Chucky-Eanthropis Dawsoni • Dawson’s dawn of man • Woodward reconstruction showed a cranial capacity of 1070 cubic centimeters • Several people did not accept authenticity • Turned out to be a hoax- the bones actually from human, chimp, and orangutan. Discovered in 1953. • Was deemed the missing link and proved brains before bipedalism before found out to be a hoax...
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