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EXAM II REVIEW SHEET PROF. SINELLI—THE HUMAN SPECIES MAKE SURE YOU ALSO READ THE ASSOCIATED PAGES IN YOUR BOOK! THERE ARE QUESTIONS FROM THAT MATERIAL AS WELL! For the Lemur Movie: What is the full title and who is the host? * Lemurs with John Cleese. Host is John Cleese. Where do lemurs live, when did they get there, and which species was the host looking for? * Madagascar, Carolina five (ring-tailed lemurs) Why do lemurs need protection? * humans pooping on lives, pusa General content questions are also fair game Primate anatomy lecture Evolution as a random process What is morphology? - form or anatomical structure of something Primitive vs. derived primitive: have been around for a long time derived: evolve for a particular function or adaption What makes primates unique? Arboreal adaptation: know the 4 specific traits and why primates have these - versatile skeletal structure, enhanced sense of touch and vision, reduced reliance on smell and hearing Dietary plasticity: teeth and dental formula what they eat a variety of foods 2133 primate NWM- derived 2123 OWM Parental investment: what it means and its effects invest a lot in offspring have fewer children longer gestation Primate Evolution lecture: For the Tertiary Period and its eras, know: The order of epochs from 65 mya to the end of the Tertiary 1.8 mya - paleocene- plesiadapiforms (earliest primates ) , solid ring of bone around eye, protoprimates eocene- 1 st true primates (euprimates), ancestors to modern prosimians, adapids (lemurs), ommomyids (tarsiers), prosimians oligocene- global cooling and extinction, anthropoids (monkeys) appear, some prosimians survive, proliopithecids (cattarhines), parapithecids(plattyrhines), aegyptopithecus (fayum,egypt):cattarhine, ancestor or ape humans and OWM miocene- apes, proconsul: african ape, asia: sivapithicus and khorapihecus ( orangutans ), europe: oreopithecus and dryopithecus went extinct. Gigantopithecus: asian and largest.
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