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syllabus - ANT2511 Human Species Spring 2011(3 credits...

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ANT2511: Human Species Spring 2011 (3 credits) Instructor: Dr. Pete T. Sinelli Office: Phillips Hall 409 p Office phone: 823-3793 Cell phone: (407) 575-6456 Email: [email protected] Teaching Assistants and their office hours Will be provided the first week of class Classroom HPA 0112 Class Hours: Section 0004 MWF 11:30-12:20 Office Hours: M/W 9:30-11:15 T/Th 10:30-11:45 AM Course Description: The focus of this course is a general overview of biological or physical anthropology. We will be using many lines of evidence to form a holistic picture of human evolution. In the first section of the course we will examine the processes of evolution and other important background concepts. During the second section we will examine our non-human primate relatives to see what they can tell us about ourselves as humans. Finally in the last section we will study the human fossil and archaeological records, and the spectrum of variation found in modern humanity. Course Goals Provide an overview of the major areas of biological anthropology. Provide an overview of the history of evolutionary thought and discuss the contributions of Darwin. Provide an overview of modern genetics and evolutionary forces. Provide an overview of the living primates. Provide an overview of human evolution. Provide an overview of modern human variation and adaptation Who should take this course? This course is a requirement for undergraduate Anthropology majors and minors and it satisfies the General Education Program (GEP) requirement for Science Foundations. If you are taking this class because you feel it is an easy GEP option you are mistaken and should drop this course. Physical anthropology is every bit a “hard” science as physics or chemistry. You should drop this class if you do not plan to attend regularly and pay attention during class hours. 1
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Class Text (available at the bookstore): Essentials of Physical Anthropology, 10 th Edition, by Clark Larsen. ISBN: 9780393934229 KNOW YOUR PID! I use scantrons for all tests and quizzes. These are graded by computer, and the only way the computer knows who you are is through your PID number (that’s the one with a letter followed by 7 numbers). If you don’t know it, you can’t get a grade! Your grade in this course will be based out of 500 total points. You can calculate your grade by dividing the total number of points you have earned by the total points possible. Grades on individual tests and quizzes will only be posted online through MyUCF Grades. Three Midterm Exams – 300 points (100 points each) There will be 3 exams during the semester. Each exam will consist of True/False and Multiple Choice questions. You must bring a RED scantron and a #2 pencil.
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