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Chelsea Dowell Trig Johnson 04 April 2011 Humanistic tradition Bonus Paper Perfection: true to yourself What defines perfection? To live a perfect life to some people means to be rich and the CEO of a worldwide company while to others it could mean to have a family and are around those who they love. The philosophy I live my life by centers on the idea that perfection is customizable (define what customizable means). Cultivate the perfection that is inside of yourself .It is relative to the person or the thing, to the expectations put upon that thing, and to the standards of where the thing/person is placed in. How can one aim to be perfect if no one knows what perfect really is? Is being perfect being the most beautiful, smartest, most divine, and most successful person alive? If so then you have to define which all of these terms mean also because each is also relative. I believe that this philosophy is something that everyone needs to live their life by because perfection is ultimately what everyone wants to arrive at. Eighth grade year is one that I will never forget. One year away from high school you can’t wait to get out. For most people it’s filled with dances, first kisses and relationships, transforming from that child you once were into a teenager and everything else that comes with growing up. For me, however, eighth grade was nothing short of a bad memory that I would spend my whole life trying to forget. Halfway through the year something happened to me that would change my life and my view on what my definition of perfection really meant. Unconditional love is something you naturally expect from your parents. It’s programmed into you that your family is the one group of people that would be there to pick you back up after a hard time. A father is someone who is supposed to protect you from the terrible things of the outside world, but mine was only someone who reminded me of them every morning. Every morning before I would walk to the bus stop I would be reminded by my father about how I would never be perfect to anyone or about how I always fell short of expectations from him. Those mornings were filled with more than hurtful words and ultimately changed the way I thought and acted. Seeing how I wasn’t loved by someone who is supposed to love me made me think how could I be by anyone else? It made me see that love is in fact not perfect. Every night that year I would pray to God for some divine intervention in my life to take me away from the situation I was in. I thought surely the unconditional love that everyone always talked about coming from God had to have existed somewhere. Night after night I would bow my head but in
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bonus paper - Chelsea Dowell Trig Johnson 04 April 2011...

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