Jewish Background - • Envisioned messiah as a temporal...

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Jewish Background 1. Ethical basis, monotheism, special relationship between Jews and God 2. Babylonian captivity - 60 years of exile - After Hebrews return to Jerusalem to rebuild temple of Solomon and renew faith in the Torah - Disapora 3. Ezra Scholar and teacher Made books of the bible essential in shaping Hebrew identity 4. Hellenized With expansion of Alexander the Great 2 nd century Greek translation of Hebrew scriptures in the Setuasin ( meaning 70 ) Contact with Greek and Persian people shaped thinking 5. Homeland Roman province of Judea Captured by General Pompey Renamed Judea the “Provincial Syria Palaestina” after the Phillistines 6. The Sadduces Sect of Jewish aristocrats Advocated cultural and religious solidarity among Jews
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Unformatted text preview: • Envisioned messiah as a temporal leader who would lead Jews to political freedom and consolidate Jewish ideals • Denied that soul survived after death of body 7. The pharisses • More influential than Sadduces • Jewish teachers and principal interpreters of Hebrew law • Advent of Messianic redeemer who would lead righteous to salvation • Human soul imperishable and would suffer eternal punishment 8. The Essences • Judea • Members lived in the monastic communities near the dead sea • Renounced worldly possessions • Practiced asceticism: strict self-denial and discipline • Immortal soul...
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Jewish Background - • Envisioned messiah as a temporal...

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