Rise of Buddhism - -Enlightened path leads to insight and...

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Rise of Buddhism 1. 1 st century 2. Sidhartha Gautama : known as Buddha or the enlightened one Lived in India 3 to 5 centuries before Jesus Born into Hindu family At 19 years old he marries his cousin and has a son Legend says that his revelation of sickness, old age, and death lead him to renounce his wealth, leave his family, and search for inner illumination 3. Message of Buddha Wheel of Law ( dharma ) - 4 noble truth are the path to enlightenment o Pain is universal o Desire causes pain o Ceasing to desire relieves pain o Right conduct leads to release from pain - Right conduct takes the middle way or enlightened path : right views, intention, speech, action, likelihood, effort, mindfulness, and concentration
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Unformatted text preview: -Enlightened path leads to insight and knowledge and ultimately nirvana-Encouraged annihilation or worldly desires and renunciation of material wealth-Enlightenment could be achieved by everyone-Buddha wrote nothing but his followers transcribed his teachings into written word in the 5 th century o Pitakas ( baskets of law ) o Sustras (threads ) o Most famous sermon was where Buddha preached to followers at Deer park in Benores About abandonment of behavioral extremes and pursuit of 8 th fold path of right conduct Much in common with the sermon on the mount by Jesus...
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Rise of Buddhism - -Enlightened path leads to insight and...

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