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Dalien Duquerette MGT 121-003 CRN 13521 1/21/2011 The Economy outcomes from the Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution was an era where ordinary means of living will evolve. The Industrial Revolution began in England in 1750. This era had brought groups of people together into one powerful system. This system is known as mass-production. As time goes on, significant changes happen in agriculture, metal, transportation and many more. Because of the Industrial Revolution, many problems were solved. Many important people have come from this era. This era was known for coming up with inventions such as airplanes, steel factories, and cars. The economy changed for the better. Without the Industrial Revolution, today’s economy will be limited. Transportation before Industrial Revolution was a horse and a chariot. The connection between the Industrial Revolution and Transportation grew by the inventions of trains and railroad networks. The Railroad system spread throughout the world. It was Henry Ford who
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