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LSI assignment - Jeremy Pflug

LSI assignment - Jeremy Pflug - Jeremy Pflug LSI Assignment...

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Jeremy Pflug LSI Assignment 3/13/11 My primary conflict style is self empowered and my secondary conflict style is dominator. The self-empowered style reflects the view that conflict is not just a practical reality but a vital force for personal and social development. I definitely agree with this being strength of mine. I take control of my own life and I understand that in order to achieve my goals, I have to fight through conflicts. Honestly, I think people believe that competitive people aren’t good at be self empowering. I break the mold in this aspect. Most competitors lose sight at times of their goal simply because they become “hot headed” when confronted with conflict. I use these conflicts and my passion to drive forward. The dominator style is described as a belief that people are basically motivated by power and control. Dominators incite combative action and escalate conflicts quickly. I completely agree with their definition of this style. I feel that I am a very competitive person and I “zone in” on winning and losing. I do everything I can to dominate in conversations, competitions, and many other things. I have to take a step back at times to control the aggressiveness that builds or it can escalate into a fight very quickly with me.
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