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Chapter 6 Memo - Jeremy Pflug

Chapter 6 Memo - Jeremy Pflug - Purposed changes 1 The...

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Memorandum To: James McGregor CC: Colleagues of BIS 630 class From: Allan Lee Date: 16:37:04 Re: New Plan Modifications The purpose of this memo is to discuss the new plan that has been proposed and what modifications can be made to improve the proposed plan. The purpose of the plan was to conform to current practices in other stores and create a better financial future for the McGregor’s Ltd. Department Store. The discount program is very old fashioned and “top-heavy” and needs to be revamped. Although there may be some resistance to the changes, I believe in the long run it will create a more profitable company. This in turn will allow McGregor to compete and not be taken over by any hostile mergers. Hopefully, the senior executives and long time buyers of McGregor will see the importance of these changes.
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Unformatted text preview: Purposed changes: 1. The discount scheme needs to be revamped and consolidated. Employees are wasting too much time finding which discount goes to whom. 2. The discount scheme needs to be the same for all employees and buyers no matter their status in the company. Too much money is being lost due to the “top heavy” discount scheme. 3. Cut overhead and administrative expenses and use excess finances to promote a more youthful sales force. This will attract the younger buyers and allow the company to continue with its traditional and unique items. I believe these modifications to the plan create a balanced atmosphere at McGregor’s… Bringing in youthful buyers with adhering to the traditional buyers and executives that have helped the company thrive for many years. 1 CONFIDENTIAL...
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